The Firm

Our strengths have always been innate professionalism and great determination, but also empathy and dedication to the Client.

Ever since its foundation, the Firm has been an undisputed leader in maritime and transport law. The Firm has been instructed by shipowners and P&I insurers to handle some of the largest post-war maritime claims such as those involving the ships “Andrea Doria”, “London Valour”, “Patmos”, “Espresso Trapani”, “Haven”, “Moby Prince”, “Erika”, “Susan Borchard” and last but not least, the claims involving the ships “Costa Concordia”, “Norman Atlantic” and “Jolly Nero”, becoming an international leader in the industry.

The Firm has always been characterized by its close relationship with P&I insurers. First to be appointed as P&I correspondent in Italy, the Firm is now considered as a reference point in Italy of the main P&I Clubs.

The pre-eminent position of the Firm relates to the many aspects of maritime and transport law. In fact, the Firm is also recognized as a point of reference in areas such as insurance, administration, customs, tourism, and yachting. The Firm also assists its clients in matters of shipbuilding, sale and purchase, and related financial aspects.

Recently, by the best friendship agreement with Studio De Berti Jacchia Franchini Forlani of Milan, the Firm has further expanded its services, which now successfully extend to areas such as commercial and corporate law, bankruptcy law, and insolvency procedures, intellectual property and tax law.

Our Professional Team

Legal culture, practical approach, and international openness characterize the professional work of each of the Firm’s attorneys. All the members of the Firm have carried out work experience abroad, building relationships with Clients and Colleagues that are not only professional but also based on friendship and trust.

ESG Impact Paper 2022/2023

The ESG Impact Paper reports on where we stand in relation to the ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) issues, which represent the reference framework when it comes to evaluating the impact of organisations.

The paper describes our governance structure, our internal and staff management processes and actions aimed at reducing our environmental impact, even beyond mere compliance.

The decision to conduct this analysis is strongly shared at all levels, in line with the principle of social responsibility, which is inherent to our profession.

In fact, we intend this work as an act of self-responsibility, a mapping of the current state of affairs, which allows us to be transparent, to value established best practices, and to identify the areas we need to prioritise in the near future.

The document does not yet have the characteristics nor the degree of detail of a sustainability report, but it tends towards its methods and contents.