The Firm offers advice and assistance in all areas of maritime law.


The Firm provides its clients with full assistance to deal with all the complex issues that arise out of marine casualties.

– Collision
– Salvage
– Wreck Removal
– Grounding
– General average and total loss
– Damage to floating objects, docks and harbour facilities
– Piracy
– Pollution and environmental damage

The firm offers assistance in handling cargo claims and bill of lading disputes, both of small value and high profile.

– Cargo shortages, damage, and contamination
– Containerized and refrigerated cargo
– Dangerous goods
– Bills of lading
– Misdelivery of goods
– Fraud in the issuance and circulation of bills of lading
– Container storage costs and demurrage

The Firm assists its clients in the resolution of charterparty disputes, with a negotiating approach and with deep knowledge of the subject based on many years of working in close contact with shipowners, charterers, insurers.

– Time charterparty
– Voyage charterparty
– Slot charterparty
– Bareboat charter
– Contracts of affreightment
– Laytime and demurrage
– Off hire and performance

The Firm has extensive and broad experience in all legal matters relating to passenger transport and the cruise industry.

– Passenger claims
– Personal injuries
– Cruise ship charterparties
– Cruise ship construction contracts
– Sale and purchase of cruise ships
– Financing for the construction of cruise ships
– Financing for the sale and purchase of cruise ships
– Corporate acquisitions
– Shareholders’ agreements
– Regulatory

The Firm offers advice and assistance in the handling of disputes arising out of maritime labour contracts.

– Individual and collective maritime labour contracts
– Enlistment of foreign crew on Italian ships
– Personal injuries
– Incidents at work
– Individual dismissals
– Company transfers
– Crew claims and disputes

The Firm assists shipowners and financial institutions in the financing of major maritime transactions such as, for example, sale and purchase contracts and shipbuildings.

– Financing for ship construction
– Financing for the sale and purchase of ships
– Project financing
– Financial transactions and leasing
– Mortgages

The Firm has a team dedicated to handling claims involving personal injuries of crew members and passengers.

– Crew claims and disputes
– Passenger claims
– Asbestosis injury claims

A team of specialized attorneys provides legal assistance to investors interested in acquiring and managing port infrastructures.

– Port concessions and authorizations
– Port services
– Project financing
– Financing of port infrastructures
– Construction contracts of docks and port facilities
– Port works and dredging
– General and commercial contracts
– Regulatory

The Firm’s attorneys offer their experience in assisting their Clients to develop the best strategy for the
recovery of their claims.

– Arrest of ship
– National and international arbitration
– National and international court cases
– Mediation

The firm handles shipbuilding contracts, ship financing, insurance and regulatory matters.

– Shipbuilding contracts
– Ship construction financing
– Insurance
– Regolatory

The Firm’ professionals have extensive experience in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for the sale and purchase of ships and related financing transactions.

– Ship sale and purchase contracts
– Financing for sale and purchase of ships
– Registration in national and foreign registers

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