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Import Ban on Diamonds

On 12 March 2024, the Customs and Monopolies Agency (“ADM”) published a notice regarding the ban on the import of diamonds provided for by Article 3p of Regulation (EU) No 833/2014 (“Russia Regulation”).

The notice reiterates that goods falling under codes 7102.31.00 and 7102.10.00 and imported into the EU must be submitted, together with documentation certifying their origin, to the Federal Public Service Economy at the Diamond Office in Antwerp, Belgium – for verification.

At the time of importation, importers must indeed provide evidence of the country of origin of the diamonds, or of the products incorporating diamonds used as inputs for the processing of the product in a third country. At the customs authorities’ request, proof of the non-Russian origin of diamonds or products containing them shall be provided by the following non-exhaustive documents:

  • a detailed invoice;
  • a KP certificate of the rough diamond;
  • a G7 certificate, if any (requested either on a voluntary or mandatory basis in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2023/2878);
  • transport documents;
  • any technical documents allowing to determine the origin, weight, number and characteristics of the diamonds contained in the parcels mentioned in the customs declaration;
  • self-declaration by the importer/supplier based on the specific templates provided for by the notice, depending on whether the goods are non-industrial diamonds, synthetic diamonds or other articles of jewellery listed in Annex XXXVIIIA Part A, or Annex XXXVIIIA Parts B and C.

There are some exemptions that can be relied upon by inserting specific codes in the customs declaration:

  • L146: import authorisation;
  • Y704: for personal use of natural persons travelling to the EU or their relatives travelling with them, owned by them and not intended for sale;
  • Y872: for goods not covered by Article 3p.

Giorgia Orsi


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