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BIMCO approves revised SYNACOMEX 2023 Grain Charter

In October 2023 BIMCO’s Documentary Committee approved a revised version of the Continent Grain Charter Party, SYNACOMEX, which is the main charter party utilized among grain traders operating in regions such as the Baltics, the East Coast of South America, and the Black Sea.

The revised SYNACOMEX was developed by joint copyright holders SYNACOMEX (the French Union for Grains and Seeds Trade) and Armateurs de France (the French Shipowners’ Association), with the assistance and cooperation of the Paris Maritime Arbitration Chamber (Chambre Arbitrale Maritime de Paris – CAMP) and the French Association of Maritime Agents (Chambre Syndicale des Courtiers d’Affrètement Maritime et de Vente de Navires de France).

The revised SYNACOMEX was developed by joint copyright holders SYNACOMEX, Armateurs de France, the French Union for Grains and Seeds Trade and the French Shipowners’ Association.

The initial SYNACOMEX charter party debuted in 1957, which already received endorsements from BIMCO. The document was then revised several times, last one in 2000.

The 2023 revision was introduced to reflect changes in the geopolitical landscape following events including the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which significantly impacted business dynamics.

Christelle Tailhardat, Secretary General of SYNACOMEX, affirms that “SYNACOMEX 2023” stems from comprehensive consultations within the SYNACOMEX membership and a meticulous review conducted by BIMCO. This process aimed to ensure that the form accurately reflects the parties’ requirements, culminating in an updated and user-friendly standard grounded in proven industry practices.

The recent modifications include changes in commercial utilization and now includes BIMCO’s anti-corruption clause along with revised versions of the war risks and sanctions clauses.

Studio Legale Mordiglia Studio is available to assist grain traders and brokers in familiarising with the SYNACOMEX 2023 and negotiate and best adapt the new charter party to client’s business and needs.

Francesco Gasparini


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