New BIMCO standard contracts for spill incidents


BIMCO (Baltic and International Maritime Council) and ISCO (the International Spill Control Organisation) have recently issued two standard contracts, RESPONSECON and US RESPONSECON. The two contracts, RESPONSECON (international version) and US RESPONSECON (United States version), are designed for spill incidents and enable those involved to obtain clean-up services and hire specialised personnel and equipment without delay. The contracts are framework agreements covering the essential elements of the parties’ relationship based on the contractor’s provision of equipment and personnel or even for hire of equipment only. Application of the contract is not limited to shipping incidents or ship-owners counterparties. Requesting Parties may include pipeline operators, oil companies, regional and national government authorities, and other entities that may have a requirement to initiate spill response. The terms and conditions are set out in standard clauses with accompanying annexes for the different parties to insert detailed descriptions of the required services and rates for personnel and equipment.