Historically, the firm offers legal assistance in the field of Shipping and Insurance Law; it has also successfully expanded into other areas, such as International Trade, Customs, Finance, Energy and Environment.

Historically, the firm offers legal assistance in the field of Shipping and Insurance Law; it has also successfully expanded into other areas, such as International Trade, Customs, Finance, Energy and Environment.

Studio Legale Mordiglia first established itself in the field of shipping, transport and insurance law, quickly becoming one of leading maritime law firms in Italy. Besides the Firm’s traditional role as legal correspondent for P&I Clubs, which is still the feather in its cap, it also manages major issues for ship owners, ship brokers, carriers and insurance companies.
The Firm has in fact played a major role in some of the biggest marine casualties of the past years, such as the “Patmos”, “Espresso Trapani”, “Haven”, “Moby Prince”, “Erika”, “Susan Borchard”, “Costa Concordia” and last but certainly not least, “Norman Atlantic”.
The expertise gained through experience and acquired knowledge has led the firm to expand its activity to other fields such as air, rail and road transportation, logistics, passenger and cruise ships, ship construction and ship finance.
Recently, with the opening of our Milan branch, the firm has further diversified its activity to include international trade and commodities, customs law, environmental law, antitrust.

arbitration in Italy and abroad; ICC arbitration; mediation, conciliation and ADR.

Bill of Lading and Charter Party:
shortages, damages, and contamination of cargo; wrongful delivery ; fraudulent issue and circulation of bill of lading; laytime and demurrage; off-hire and performance disputes.

Credit recovery:
arrest of ships; liens on cargo; enforcement of mortgages and pledges; bonds and letters of patronage; injunctions; enforcement in Italy of foreign judgements and arbitration awards; insolvency and bankruptcy procedures.

Customs Law:
classification of cargo; product origin; antidumping duties; temporary imports; contraband.

plant design and construction (offshore drilling, regassification plants); supply contracts for oil refineries and plants; storage in coastal warehouses and floating storage units; transportation via ship, pipeline and tank truck.

MARPOL, accidental marine pollution; waste disposal; transport of hazardous cargo; soil pollution caused by industrial plants, environmental damage.

EU Law and Antitrust :
conferences, consortiums and pools; cabotage; litigation before national and EU antitrust authorities; agreements and cartels; tariffs; liberalisations.

particular average and total loss; cargo insurance policies; P&I; fire and industrial risks; CAR policies; professional liability policies for transport intermediaries; reinsurance.

International Trade & Commodities:
sales contracts for cargo and raw materials; CIF and FOB sales; quantity and quality disputes; documentary credits; warrants; pledges on goods; performance of bonds and bank guarantees; agency and distribution contracts; joint ventures, founding of new companies and subsidiaries of foreign companies; sale of shares and transfers of business; shareholders’ agreements.

Labour and Employment Law:
individual and collective contracts for seafarers; foreign personnel on Italian ships; Law 135/1977; individual termination, work related injuries; Decrees 271/1999, 272/1999 and 81/2008; labour issues in transfers of business.

Logistics and Port services:
forwarding contracts; warehouse contracts; integrated logistics services; port concessions; loading and unloading operations; port services.

Marine casualties:
Collisions; salvage; general average; particular average and total loss; damages to floating objects, docks and port structures; piracy.

Road / Rail / Air / Intermodal Transport:
loss or damage to cargo; damages by delay; short delivery and theft; transshipment and sub-carriage.

shipbuilding contracts; MOA and Bill of Sale; loan agreements; , mortgages and other securities; refund guarantees; Builder’s Risk and MII policies; leasing; bareboat charter; registering and re-flagging procedures.

Transport of passengers and tourism:
passenger transportation via sea or air; personal injury in relation to marine and air casualties; cruises; package tours; travel agencies and on-line sale of tourist services; ruined holiday claims.

building and refitting contracts; leasing and financing; mooring contracts; regattas; sponsorships.