Montreal Convention: increase of liability limits

On April ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) started a review process, ended on September 30th, with the aim of increasing various liability limits set by the 1999 Montreal Convention.

Article 22 of the Montreal Convention provides the air carrier’s liability limit in the event of delay for baggage and goods.

Paragraph 1, with reference to the transport of persons, has brought the liability limit from 4 150 to 4694 SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) per kilo.

As to the transport of baggage the carrier’s liability, in case of destruction, loss, deterioration or delay, has been increased from 1000 SDRs per passenger to 1131.

Paragraph 3 instead, in relation to the transport of goods, has brought the liability limit from 19 SDRs to 22.

The aforementioned limits will come into effect from 28th of December 2019.

Below the official ICAO communication: